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PANO’s public policy and advocacy efforts focus on issues that broadly impact Pennsylvania’s nonprofit sector. We monitor changes in Federal and State legislation and regulations and seek to collaborate and leverage the work of organizations around the state.

Community benefit organizations are social and economic drivers in Pennsylvania. Nonprofits have a workforce of over 720,000 employees and serve millions of Pennsylvania residents. PANO’s public policy efforts include both more traditional lobbying and education with our elected officials and also intentional efforts to engage stakeholders around the Commonwealth.

PANO supports policies that build the infrastructure needed for effective and efficient mission delivery and that strengthen the government-nonprofit partnership. We oppose policies that reduce nonprofit protections and exemption; that disproportionately burden nonprofits with regulation; and that interfere with their mission-related activities.

Our Goals Are To:

• Elevate the collective voice of the Pennsylvania nonprofit sector to advance policy solutions in support of strong, healthy nonprofits
• Encourage and support Pennsylvania nonprofit engagement in the public policy process to advocate on behalf of their organizations and communities
• Increase the respect and support for the nonprofit community among elected officials, leaders and the general public

2017-18 Advocacy Priorities:

1. Sustainable Revenues for Public Services in Pennsylvania
PANO supports policies that increase revenues for all mandated services that nonprofits provide on behalf of government in Pennsylvania.

2. Budget Impasse Mitigation
PANO supports amendments to state law which protect Pennsylvania’s service recipients and service providers by assuring that federal dollars allocated to the Commonwealth and state dollars for essential services that directly impact the health and safety of Pennsylvanians continue to be paid during a budget impasse. We also support changes to the state budget process which will decrease the likelihood of future budget impasses.

3. Nonprofit Charitable Tax Exemption and Deductions
PANO opposes policy that limits or prevents eligible nonprofits from obtaining or maintaining their tax exempt status. We support policies that encourage deductions for charitable contributions; we oppose policy that limits or eliminates reasonable charitable tax deductions for individual/company contributions. PANO believes that any Payments in Lieu of Taxes should be fully voluntary and not be coerced by municipalities.

4. Cost-Savings through Increased Efficiencies and Timely Payments
PANO supports regulatory changes that increase efficiencies and nonprofit-government partnerships. Proposed regulatory changes could include reducing redundancies across state agencies (e.g. common pre-award processes, budget templates, use of a single audit, reporting template and central depository vault). PANO also seeks regulatory changes that ensure timely payments of dollars earned by nonprofits through government grants and contracts.

5. Nonprofits as Social and Economic Drivers
PANO seeks to increase public awareness that nonprofits are social and economic drivers in the Commonwealth.

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