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What Makes Us Unique

PANO’s consultant collaborative brings a shared, vision-based, community-focused approach to every project. We walk alongside of organizations and communities who seek to address challenges through collaborative efforts. We hold our work accountable to community outcomes and work with clients in the context of the communities in which they operate.

When you work with PANO, you work with the collective wisdom of the group—where bringing more heads and more expertise to the table will lead to the best possible outcomes for your organization. In other words, this group is more than the sum of its parts. If other needs arise during the course of a project or our work, we can seamlessly meet those needs.

- We help you figure out what you are looking for
- We provide tactical help which leads the organization/community to a higher-level result
- We walk the path of interconnection
- We work within the context of relationship—our relationship with key individuals in the organization, the organization as a whole and with each other
- We determine who works with you based on organizational needs, personality and the skills sets of this consultant group
- The Consultant group seeks to learn each other’s moves so that we play off each other and know when we need to hand off the work to someone who may be more qualified in a certain area

Our Collective Skills Include:

Administration - Best practices for agency management, facilities, operational procedures, business continuity/disaster planning, contracts

Advocacy - civic engagement, lobbying, nonpartisan regulations

Agency & Program Evaluation - Organizational assessments, program evaluation—including outcome and impact measurement

Board Governance - Recruitment, selection, roles & responsibilities, evaluation

Change Management & Planning - Strategic planning, succession planning, organizational change management and conflict management

Collaboration & Strategic Partnerships - Cross sector and cross-organizational collaborative partnerships, joint ventures, mergers

Facilitation - Facilitation for conversations including: retreats, board development, pre-merger discussions, conflict of interest discussions

Financial Management - Business planning, accounting, budgeting, financial reporting, audits, financial policies and procedures, cost allocation

Fundraising/Resource Development - Development plan, donor relationships, case for support, grant writing, annual giving, social enterprise, fundraising policies & regulations

Grant Making - Assisting foundations & funds to develop grant process

Human Resources - HR policies & procedures, job descriptions, employment law compliance, performance management, volunteer management

Information Technology (IT) - IT assessment & planning, network engineering, database management, website development & optimization

Internal Communications - Intentionally designed board/staff & staff/staff interactions leading to cohesive organizational culture

Legal and Ethical - Bylaws, policies, risk management, nonprofit incorporation, employment law, conflict of interest

Project Management - Projects vs. programs, initiate, plan, executive, close, evaluate

Public Relations (PR) and/or Marketing - Marketing/PR plans, media campaigns, annual report, social media, press releases, messaging

Start-Up of an Organization - Organizational start-up needs including: board, committee, business plan & partnership conversations

Vision, Mission, Values - Establishing future direction for communities, organizations and programs that set the parameter for current work

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To contact the PANO Consultant Group, contact Anne Gingerich, MSW | | 717-236-8584

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Phone: (717) 236-8584
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