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Becoming a Consultant in the Collaborative: Eligibility & Application

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We seek consultants who share our values and are willing to immerse themselves in our unique, collaborative culture. The PANO Consultant Collaborative brings a shared, vision-based, community-focused approach to every project. We walk alongside organizations and communities that seek to address challenges through collaborative efforts. We hold our work accountable to community outcomes and work with clients in the context of the communities in which they operate. Consultants are primarily Pennsylvania-based independent consultants, with a minimum of one year of experience in high-quality, client-centric consulting, who have or are working to obtain General and Professional Liability Insurance.

Interested in becoming a consultant?
Submit a Consultant Collaborative Application to begin your journey with a supportive, collaborative body of peers dedicated to mission-driven work. You will receive an email confirmation, acknowledging your submitted application, detailing next steps.

Email for more information about joining the Consultant Collaborative.

Consultant Collaborative Values

We value:

• Our group’s capacity to leverage our collective knowledge and to model our values.

• Supporting communities as they identify and work toward a shared vision.

• Interconnectedness and collaborative learning between the community benefit, business and government sectors.

• Each other and our clients as equal partners in our business interactions.
• Continuing research and education.

• Transparency, truth, fairness and responsibility as primary in all business engagements and commit to holding each other accountable in these areas.

• Walking alongside of clients rather than making “the hard sell”; we meet clients where they are.

• We value confidentiality and shall not disclose any information deemed as confidential by PANO and/or any of its constituents to any outside party during or after the engagement - unless required by law or if the information becomes public by no fault of either party.

• A community of practice among leading, innovative consultants that fully maintains PANO’s trust and commits to furthering PANO’s mission of amplifying the voice of the community benefit sector through collaborative engagements. This group will BE PANO during projects received through this collaborative—which models PANO’s belief that “together we are stronger than anyone is separately.”

Consultant Collaborative Benefits

The benefit of joining the Consultant Collaborative is growth, both personal and professional, through the very nature of the group: a community-based body which is invested in strengthening mission-driven organizations. Through information-sharing of best practices, the possibility to bid for proposals through PANO who provides supervision and support, exposure to PANO’s statewide sphere of influence, and the opportunity to work in collaborative consulting for community organizations, Collaborative Consultants are joining a vibrant community which promotes development and opportunity. Consultants can expect a group of peers who…

• Share a similar philosophy and work under the PANO umbrella

• Network with intention—the intention of “getting to action that facilitates community change”

• Work in a way that is interconnected

• Can be looked to as a mirror for personal growth and development

• Can be looked to as advisors, co-workers, referral sources, and as a community of practice

• Engage in this business relationship with the understanding that “mutual benefit” goes in all directions

• Model our values

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