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Nonprofits matter. By working together with people from all sectors—including nonprofit, for-profit and government organizations—we create thriving communities.

PANO membership instantly connects you, your staff and your board to a network of over 950+ members that span sectors, budget sizes, geographic regions and activity areas in Pennsylvania. You become part of a vibrant learning community that collaborates, discovers, shares ideas and practices, and works together to advocate for and strengthen Pennsylvania communities.

Be a part of this growing network of nonprofits, for-profits and individuals.

Why Join

As a nonprofit organization, you want to improve the quality of life in your community. PANO exists to support the incredible work you do. With your help, PANO amplifies your voice, saves you time and money, builds your capacity and connects you with other nonprofit leaders. By coming together and recognizing our collective value, Pennsylvania nonprofits and the power to do good will thrive.

Amplify Your Voice
Join the PANO network of 950+ members and help advance the common interests of ALL Pennsylvania nonprofits. We are stronger (and louder) together than we are alone.

Save Money
Save money, reduce administrative costs and take advantage of member-only discounts on events and services.

Increase Your Capacity
Connect with PANO to get the advice, tools and resources you need, when you need them.

Deepen Your Understanding
We deepen the understanding and build awareness of the nonprofit sector through communication efforts, data collection and research.

Build Your Connections
We connect nonprofits, businesses and community leaders through advocacy, information sharing and our networks.

How to Join

Join Online Now or complete a paper membership application (see word document below)

Membership runs a full year from the month you join.

Nonprofit Organizations Dues (If your operating budget (not including grants to other organizations) is):
• Under $50,000 - $100
• Between $51,000 and $199,999 - $120
• Between $200,000 and $499,999 - $200
• Between $500,000 and $699,999- $340
• Between $700,000 and $999,999- $390
• Between $1,000,000 and $1,999,999 - $535
• Between $2,000,000 and $4,999,999 - $625
• Between $5,000,000 and $7,999,999 - $750
• Over $8,000,000 - $815

Individual Dues who do not fall into the other categories above, may join at $120.

Full Time Student Dues may join at the undergraduate ($30) or graduate rates ($60).
You may not join as a student if you have full time employment at a nonprofit organization.

Group Memberships - PANO offers group memberships to associations who would like to purchase PANO membership for all their members (at a discounted rate). For more information contact

For business who would like to join PANO, you can join as a Corporate Partner. Learn more about corporate partnership and join today!

If you have questions or trouble joining, please call our office at 717-236-8584.

Membership FAQ

Who is the member? (click here to see the answer)

For nonprofit and corporate members, your organization is the member, but all your staff (and in nonprofits volunteers and board members) receive benefits. This means everyone from your organization is eligible to receive the member rate on trainings and events, download the FREE Standards for Excellence Education Packets, and receive discounts on publications and other resources.

For Student and Individual Members, only you receive benefits.

I am currently forming a nonprofit. Can I join? (click here to see the answer)

Yes, you can join as a nonprofit member while you are in the formation process. Note: PANO does not help with the filing paperwork but can provide help with day-to-day nonprofit questions, access to many free Standards for Excellence Resources, sample polices, procedures and templates, discounted trainings, and more.

What is PANO's Dissolution Policy? (click here to see the answer)

PANO has a nondiscrimination grievance policy concerning membership and program attendance; however PANO does have a means of removing disruptive groups from this participation. For example, if a group regularly commandeers training programs to discuss an unrelated issue instead of the focus of the program, then the PANO board can prohibit future participation and/or discontinue the membership.

Member Testimonials

"THANK YOU!! We are so excited about the partnership and source of information PANO provides." - Lisa

"It is great having your organization as a resource!" - Alison

"Thanks for being there for us! I love what you offer and it has been so beneficial for our new board." - Judy

"We really appreciate being able to join PANO and appreciate all that your organization does for the non-profit sector." - Beth

Member Directory

MBR Directory Member Directory

All PANO Members are listed in the searchable Member Directory. View profiles of PANO members and search for specific organizations. Update your information and make your organization visible to members and the nonprofit community.

2017 PANO Members Regional Breakdown

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