Budget and Contracting Issues

Upcoming Government-Nonprofit Contracting Reforms (Posted 7-14-14)

In less than six months, new reforms governing payments to nonprofits for their indirect (overhead) and other costs will go into effect. Learn from the National Council of Nonprofits what the reforms do and why they matter to nonprofits.

Government Contracting with the State

Pennsylvania, like many other states, partners with community benefit organizations to provide essential services to the community. In many cases, Pennsylvania contracts with nonprofits do not cover indirect cost or incorporate cost of living adjustments. The lack of modification to the contracts can make it difficult for nonprofits to operate. PANO will be working in collaboration with the state government to address the contract issues.

Partnering for Impact: Government-Nonprofit Contracting Task Forces Produce Results for Taxpayers

Report Highlights Solutions, Process for Improving Government-Nonprofit Contracting
Nonprofits and governments can reduce their own costs, improve services provided to constituents, and return greater value to taxpayers by creating government-nonprofit task forces to develop and implement recommendations to reform contracting practices and procedures. That is the key finding of a new report of the National Council of Nonprofits, which conducted an extensive analysis of joint task forces in nine states charged with rooting out waste while maintaining and even enhancing accountability.

The report, Partnering for Impact: Government-Nonprofit Contracting Task Forces Produce Results for Taxpayers, provides a first ever how-to guide for nonprofits, working with their State Associations, wanting to streamline the government-nonprofit contracting process. It also provides practical guides for building collaborative relationships with government officials and offers details on the most frequently cited solutions that task forces recommend to improve the contracting process.

For more on the report and on the Council of Nonprofits’ government-nonprofit contracting reform initiative, click on the link above.