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Standards for Excellence Consultants

The Pennsylvania Association of Nonprofit Organizations is proud to announce these Consultants have completed an intensive two day training and are Trained and Approved Consultants for the Standards for Excellence program.

If your organization would like to work with a consultant to implement the Standards, we recommend that you use a Standards Trained and Approved Consultant. These Consultants have received the training needed to understand all levels of the Standards for Excellence program and are also kept current on all updates.

Interested in becoming a Standards for Excellence Consultant? Contact Tish Mogan at 717-236-8584.

Brittany Alba

Dunleavy and Associates | (610) 940-1616 |

James Alton

J. Alton Consulting | (717)-875-4142 |

Cindy R. Bergvall, CPA

Bee, Bergvall & Co | (215) 343-2727 |

John M. Bradley

Broadfield Insight | (856) 834-0506 |

Jacqui Catrabone

Strategy Solutions, Inc. | (814) 480-8000 |

Patricia Cook

Dunleavy and Associates | (610) 940-1616 |

Stephanie Cory

Wilmington, DE | 302-729-3179 |

National Licensed Standards Consultant

Brian J. Farester, Ph.D.

Farester Consulting, LLC | (724) 422-6512 |

Libby Felten

Independent Contractor | (215) 375-6564 |

National Licensed Standards Consultant

Mark D. Glidden

Dunleavy and Associates | (610) 940-1616 |

Karen Hosler-Kispert

Independent Consultant | (215) 723-0317 |

National Licensed Standards Consultant

Steven R. Lewis

Steven R. Lewis & Associates, LLC | (484) 612-2294 |

National Licensed Standards Consultant

Cynthia Ann Love

CAL Funding Initiatives | (570) 748-1918 |

National Licensed Standards Consultant

Marcella Moyer-Schick

MMS Advancement Associates LLC | (610) 820-7620 |

Jordan Pallitto

The Hill Group, Inc. | (412) 722-1111 |

Looking for a Standards Consultant in your area?

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Phone: (717) 236-8584

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