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Alliance for Justice (AFJ) - AFJ works to ensure that the federal judiciary advances core constitutional values, preserves human rights, access to the courts, and adheres to the even-handed administration of justice for all Americans. It is an expert on the legal framework for nonprofit advocacy efforts, providing definitive information, resources and technical assistance.

The Center on Budget and Policy Priorities (CBPP) - CBPP is a nonpartisan research and policy institute. They pursue federal and state policies designed both to reduce poverty and inequality and to restore fiscal responsibility in equitable and effective ways.

Center for Effective Government - The Center for Effective Government conducts research and policy analyses; develop new policy and reform ideas; encourage citizen participation and government accountability; builds broad-based coalitions to advance these values; and they produce and disseminate educational tools and materials.

Center for Law and Social Policy (CLASP) - CLASP seeks to improve the lives of low-income people. Through careful research and analysis and effective advocacy, CLASP develops and promotes new ideas, mobilizes others, and directly assists governments and advocates to put in place successful strategies that deliver results that matter to people across America.

Congress.Gov - is the official website for U.S. federal legislative information. The site provides access to accurate, timely, and complete legislative information for Members of Congress, legislative agencies, and the public.

The Greater Pittsburgh Nonprofit Partnership (GPNP) - GPNP is a growing coalition of over 400 nonprofit organizations from a ten-county region in southwestern Pennsylvania. GPNP provides public policy analysis, education, advocacy, and discounts on products and services for members.

Independent Sector - Independent Sector is a national network that provides policy and advocacy related resources, research, publications and trainings.

National Council of Nonprofits - From advocacy toolkits and informative “how to” sheets to recent opinion pieces and material about federal, state, and local lobbying laws, this webpage provides resources to nonprofit leaders about ways to advance their missions through everyday advocacy.

National Voter Registration Day - Celebrate democracy with the largest national one-day effort to register voters.

Nonprofit Vote - Nonprofit VOTE partners with America’s nonprofits to help the people they serve participate and vote. They are the largest source of nonpartisan resources to help nonprofits integrate voter engagement into their ongoing activities and services.

Nonprofit Votes Count - A nonpartisan, national campaign to encourage every eligible nonprofit staff and volunteer to register and vote. Nonprofit Votes Count provides information and resources around voting and nonprofit engagement.

Pennsylvania Budget & Policy Center(PBPC) - PBPC is a nonpartisan, statewide policy research project that provides independent, credible analysis on state tax, budget, and related policy matters, with attention to the impact of policy proposals on working families.

Pennsylvania General Assembly

Pennsylvania Government

Find more advocacy related resources on our Advocacy webpages!

Board Governance

Board Member Connect - Board Member Connect is a nonprofit board placement service.

Boardnet USA - Boardnet USA connects nonprofit boards and new leaders.

BoardSource - BoardSource provides tools, resources, publications, educational programs and consulting to organizations looking to strengthen their board of directors. They offer membership programs to nonprofit organizations. PANO members receive a discounted membership to Board Source! Learn More


Building Movement Project - The Building Movement Project offers research, tools, training materials and opportunities for partnership that bolster nonprofit organizations’ ability to support the voice and power of the people they serve.

Foundation Center Nonprofit Collaboration Database - Find real-world examples of how nonprofits are working together. Explore different collaboration models, what prompted organizations to collaborate, challenges encountered and the outcomes experienced by partner agencies and the community.


Nonprofit Marketing Guide - Nonprofit Marketing provides tips and training to do-it-yourself nonprofit marketers and communications departments of one. They offer a weekly webinar series, a blog, a weekly e-newsletter, free downloads, and more!


Form 990 Resources - All tax-exempt organizations are required to file an annual IRS information return (Form 990, 990-EZ, 990-PF, 990-N, etc.) Check out these resources to learn more about annual reporting requirements for nonprofits.
IRS Form 990 Filing Tips
Independent Sector Guidance
Federal Filing Requirements for Nonprofits Guide from the National Council of Nonprofits

Revocation of Tax Exemption - Organizations whose tax-exempt status was automatically revoked because they did not file required 990 series returns or notices for three consecutive years can apply for reinstatement of their tax-exempt status
IRS - Revocation of Tax Exemption - How to Have Your Tax-Exempt Status Retroactively Reinstated
National Council of Nonprofits Revocation of Tax Exemption

Nonprofit Audit Guide - The National Council of Nonprofits created this Nonprofit Audit Guide to provide nonprofits with the tools they need to make informed decisions about independent audits. The Guide explains Pennsylvania’s audit requirements, will help you understand what independent audits are, help you prepare for an audit, explains the role of the board in the audit process, and shares tips and tools to help your charitable organization manage the audit process -- from hiring an auditor and preparing for the audit, to evaluating the audit firm's work.

Nonprofit Finance Fund (NFF) - NFF explores emerging issues, writes papers, conducts field research and analysis and offers trainings around Nonprofit Finance.

OMB Uniform Guidance - Governments at all levels – local, state, and federal – that hire nonprofits to deliver services are required to reimburse nonprofits for the reasonable indirect costs (sometimes called “overhead” or “administrative” costs) they incur. The new mandate is embedded in grantmaking rules that the federal Office of Management and Budget (OMB) put into effect at the end of 2014. In addition the new OMB Uniform Guidance streamlines and clarifies cost allocation and other rules related to government grants and contracts.
Check out these resources from the National Council of Nonprofits to learn more:
Government Grants/Contracting
Government-Nonprofit Contracting Reform
OMB Uniform Guidance
OMB Uniform Guidance Implementation Report
Nonprofits and the New OMB Uniform Guidance: Know Your Rights … and How to Protect Them


The Association of Fundraising Professionals (AFP) - AFP represents more than 30,000 members in over 230 chapters throughout the world, working to advance philanthropy through advocacy, research, education and certification programs. Find your chapter today.

Bureau of Charitable Organizations - Organizations and professional fundraisers soliciting charitable contributions from Pennsylvania residents must register with the Bureau.

Foundation Center - Foundation Center provides information about philanthropy worldwide through research, data analysis, publications, trainings and more!

Foundation Directory Online - Search a thorough database, comprising more than 140,000 grantmakers. Check your local library to access this service for free!

GiveGab - Utlize GiveGab’s crowdfunding platform, " Nonprofit Giving Platform," made specifically for nonprofits. - Search and apply for federal grants. also provides trainings and information around the latest grant guidelines, policies and lifecycles.

Grant Space - GrantSpace provides easy-to-use, self-service tools and resources to help nonprofits become more viable grant applicants and build strong, sustainable organizations.

GrantStation - GrantStation provides access to a searchable database of grantmakers and tools, resources, tutorials and publications around grantwriting. PANO Members receive a discount on GrantStation Membership, learn more!
Check out GrantStation's State of Grantseeking Report

Network for Good - Network for Good offers an online giving platform, trainings, guides and templates that will make you an online fundraising superstar. PANO Members receive free access to the Fundraising Fundamental training and a discount on online fundraising software, learn more!

Philanthropy Network Research and Publications - Philanthropy Network is a Philadelphia based network of grantmakers who provide workshops, publications and cultivate networks by bring together local funders. Check out the 2011 Philanthropy in Pennsylvania Report


Idealist - Idealist is all about connecting idealists - people who want to do good - with opportunities for action and collaboration. On idealist you can post and look for volunteer opportunities, jobs, internships and events.

Internship Programs Under the Fair Labor Standards Act - This fact sheet provides general information to help determine whether interns must be paid the minimum wage and overtime under the Fair Labor Standards Act for the services that they provide to “for-profit” private sector employers (the Fact Sheet also applies to nonprofit workplaces that pay interns) - matches quality interns with valuable internships. If you are a nonprofit looking for good interns, has them. If you are a student (or not) looking for a good internship to jumpstart your career, can help get you one.

Looksharp - Looksharp is the largest internship and entry-level jobs marketplace dedicated entirely to students and new grads. Post and find internships and entry level positions. Also find templates and advice!


Don Kramer’s Nonprofit Issues - Nonprofit Issues is a national web newsletter of "Nonprofit Law You Need To Know." PANO Members receive a discounted subscription, learn more!

IRS: Lifecycle of a Public Charity - Nonprofits will have numerous interactions with the IRS during its existence – from filing an application for recognition of tax-exempt status, to filing the required annual information returns, to making changes in its mission and purpose. The IRS provides information, explanations, guides, forms and publications on all of these subjects – This IRS Web site provides an easy-to-use way of linking to the documents most charities will need as they proceed though the phases of their “life cycle."

LawForChange - LawForChange is a unique legal resource for people and organizations dedicated to improving lives and bringing about positive social change. LawForChange offers a broad menu of legal information prepared by leading law firms and lawyers and specifically tailored to the needs of social sector organizations in the United States.

Nonprofit Risk Management Center (NRMC) - NRMC offeres publications, tools, trainings and consulting services around risk management. PANO Members receive a free membership to the NRMC, learn more!

Nonprofit Databases

Guidestar - GuideStar gathers and disseminates information about every single IRS-registered nonprofit organization. They provide as much information as we can about each nonprofit's mission, legitimacy, impact, reputation, finances, programs, transparency, governance, and so much more.

IRS Exempt Organizations Select Check - Exempt Organizations Select Check is an on-line search tool that allows users to search for and select an exempt organization and check certain information about its federal tax status and filings.

PA Department of State Charities Online Database - Search for a charity, professional solicitor or professional fundraising counsel registered with the bureau in Pennsylvania.

Nonprofit Management

2018 Standards Mileage Rates - The IRS issues the standard mileage rates each year. Beginning on Jan. 1, 2016, the standard mileage rates for the use of a car is:
• 54.5 cents per mile for business miles driven
• 18 cents per mile driven for medical or moving purposes
• 14 cents per mile driven in service of charitable organizations

2015 Pennsylvania Nonprofit Salary and Benefit Report - The 2015 Pennsylvania Nonprofit Salary and Benefits Report will help your organization understand trends, stay competitive, attract the best talent and keep the amazing talent you have with information for over 140 positions!

The Bridgespan Group -The Bridgespan Group is an advisor and resource for nonprofit organizations and philanthropists. Bridgespan group’s services include strategy consulting, leadership development, philanthropy advising, and developing and sharing practical insights. Check out these publications and tools around hiring and leadership development!

Health Alliance for Nonprofits - HANP offers employee benefits and services to meet the unique needs of nonprofit employers, heathl insurance educational opportunities and resources. Questions about the ACA or Health Insurance? Contact HANP today!

Idealist - Idealist is all about connecting idealists - people who want to do good - with opportunities for action and collaboration. On idealist you can post and look for volunteer opportunities, jobs, internships and events.

National Council of Nonprofits Resources - Check out these resources from the National Council of Nonprofits on topics such as employment, boards, advocacy, leadership, financial management and more!

PANO's Nonprofit Job Board - Post and search for nonprofit jobs in Pennsylvania! PANO members receive a discount on posting, learn more!


Blue Avocado Board Cafe Enewsletter - Blue Avocado is a nonprofit online magazine for community nonprofits bringing you nonprofit news and insight every few weeks.

Chronicle of Philanthropy - The Chronicle of Philanthropy is an independent news organization serving leaders, fundraisers, grant makers, and others involved in the philanthropic enterprise.

Nonprofit Times - The NonProfit Times, a business publication for nonprofit management, delivers news, business information and original research on the daily operations of tax-exempt organizations.

Nonprofit Quarterly - The Nonprofit Quarterly (NPQ) is an independent, nonprofit news organization serving nonprofit leaders, charitable foundations, educators, independent activists, and others involved in the civil sector.

Research, Reports and Statistics

2015 Pennsylvania Nonprofit Salary and Benefit Report - The 2015 Pennsylvania Nonprofit Salary and Benefits Report will help your organization understand trends, stay competitive, attract the best talent and keep the amazing talent you have with information for over 140 positions!

Collective Strength - Philadelphia’s community development corporations (CDCs) have contributed more than $3.3 billion to Philadelphia’s economy through housing and commercial development and a range of community services, while also increasing household wealth, building the local tax base, revitalizing neighborhoods and creating thousands of jobs during the past two decades. Read more in this report!

Idealware - Idealware’s thoroughly-researched reports compare products and give recommendations to help you make smart software decisions.

Infographic: What is Driving Nonprofit Sector's Growth? - Check out this 2013 Infographic from the Nonprofit Quarterly around the rise of the Nonprofit Sector.

Leading with Intent - Leading with Intent: A National Index of Nonprofit Board Practices, gathers information from both chief executives and board chairs on their experiences in the nonprofit boardrooms of America to identify trends in board composition, policies, and practices as well as provide a detailed view of the challenges nonprofit boards face.

Fundraising Effectiveness Project - The Fundraising Effectiveness Survey enables participating groups to measure and compare their fundraising gain and loss ratios to those of similar organizations. Participants can use this industry data to make better-informed, growth-oriented budget decisions to boost donor revenue. Check out the 2015 Fundraising Effectiveness Report

National Center for Charitable Statistics (NNCS) - NCCS is the national repository of data on the nonprofit sector in the United States. Its mission is to develop and disseminate high quality data on nonprofit organizations and their activities for use in research on the relationships between the nonprofit sector, government, the commercial sector, and the broader civil society.

Nonprofit Finance Fund State of the Sector Survey - NFF’s 2015 State of the Nonprofit Sector Survey explores the programmatic, financial, and operational issues facing nonprofits across the U.S. Explore the 2015 State of the Nonprofit Sector Results

NTEN - NTEN’s research reports provide key data to help nonprofits inform their decision making with nonprofit technology.

Urban Institute - Urban institute conducts research to understand and solve real-world challenges in a rapidly urbanizing environment. They engage communities at multiple levels—city, state, and country—to gather data and evaluate programs. Urban Institute scholars blend academic rigor with on-the-ground collaboration, teaming with policymakers, community leaders, practitioners, and the private sector to diagnose problems and find solutions.

What Do Nonprofits Stand For? Renewing the Nonprofit Value Commitment - Johns Hopkins Listening Post Project conducted a survey to gauge the thinking within the nonprofit community around the sector’s values, trends and challenges. Check out this 2012 report!

Standards for Excellence

PANO's Standards for Excellence program offers tools and resources to empower Community Benefit Organizations (nonprofits) to meet the highest standards of nonprofit governance, management and operations.

The Standards for Excellence program provides 35 educational resource packets; these packets are free for members and only $15 regular price! The program also has multiple free resources; check out the Standards for Excellence educational resources!


The Community Corps - The Community Corps is a skills-based volunteering program that engages technology professionals with schools, nonprofits and custom opportunities. Tech volunteers work hand-in-hand with schools and nonprofits across the country to help them use technology more effectively. Community Corps services are free to individuals, nonprofits and schools.

Google for Nonprofits - Google for Nonprofits offers organizations free access to Google tools like Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Ad Grants and more.

Idealware - Idealware, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, provides thoroughly researched, impartial and accessible resources about software to help nonprofits make smart technology decisions.

Nonprofit Technology Network (NTEN) - NTEN is a membership organization of nonprofit technology professionals. They facilitate the exchange of knowledge and information, connect members to each other, provide professional development opportunities, provide education on issues of technology use in nonprofits, and spearhead groundbreaking research, advocacy, and education on technology issues. PANO members receive a free 1 year membership to NTEN, learn more!

Techsoup - Techsoup connects nonprofits with tech products, services and learning resources to make informed decisions about technology. Techsoup offers free resources that are available to all users. Once registered and qualified with TechSoup, nonprofits can access donated and discounted products and services from partners like Microsoft, Adobe, Cisco, Intuit, and Symantec.


Energize - Energize is an international training, consulting and publishing firm specializing in volunteerism. Energize also provides an extensive resource library.

GiveGab - GiveGab provides a platform to post and find volunteer opportunities and log and track volunteer hours!

Hands On Network - Hands On Network is the largest network of local volunteer centers around the world. 250 HandsOn Volunteer Action Centers engage volunteers to use their time, talent, voice and money to create change in their communities. Find your local center

Idealist Volunteer Center - Idealist Volunteer Resource Center is the place to post and find volunteer opportunities around the globe. Idealist also offers research, best practices, tools and resources around volunteerism.

Independent Sector – Value of Volunteer Time - According to Independent Sector, the estimated national value of volunteer time for 2016 is $24.14 per hour. For the state of Pennsylvania, the amount is $23.89 per hour.

MLK Day - Every MLK Day, Americans across the country come together for a day of service, picking up the baton handed to us by past generations and carrying forward their efforts.

PennSERVE - PennSERVE promote and facilitates volunteering and community service throughout PA. PennSERVE is the umbrella agency for volunteerism and community service initiatives throughout the Commonwealth and is the administrative entity that monitors and oversees the AmeriCorpsState programs in Pennsylvania. PennSERVE provides on-going technical assistance support and training to its programs.

Serve Philadelphia - Mayor Nutter’s Office of Civic Engagement and Volunteer Service oversees the development and implementation of his strategic plan for service - engaging citizens in addressing local challenges, particularly in the areas of education, food security, community revitalization and youth engagement. Find and post opportunities!

Volunteer Match - Volunteer match connects volunteers with organizations.

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