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2022 Collaborative Conference Request for Workshop Proposals

Thank you for your interest in submitting a workshop proposal for the 2022 Collaborative Conference, presented in partnership by Alliance for Nonprofit Resources (ANR), the Greater Pittsburgh Nonprofit Partnership (GPNP), the PA Association of Nonprofit Organizations (PANO), and Villanova University. Scroll down for our online form, download a PDF of the request for proposals (RFP) here, or download a Word copy here. Deadline for submission is 5:00 PM on Friday, August 12, 2022. Our conference RFP committee will review your proposal and will notify you of our selection decisions by the week of August 22, 2022.

 About the 2022 Hybrid Collaborative Conference



Theme: Building the Plane While Flying It

If it feels like 2020 and 2021 have been the years of “flying by the seat of your pants”, you’re not alone! Now, as we slowly emerge from the immediate crisis of COVID, what does it look like to go from flying by the seat of our pants to actively Building the Plane While Flying It? How do we push forward with the creativity, agility, and resilience we’ve honed since early 2020 with a level of intention we haven’t had the privilege of exercising in the face of constant pivoting?

No, we’re not “out of the COVID woods” yet. No, we are far from done addressing systemic injustice, especially when it comes to race. Yes, we are now in the midst of “The Great Resignation” (or is it “The Great Reprioritization”?). And yes, nonprofit work has required a go-with-the-flow attitude long before COVID ever became part of our everyday vocabulary. But there is something different about this particular moment in time.

The last two years have taught us that we are stronger than we thought – especially when we come together. That we are more innovative than we ever realized – especially when we work together. That we don’t need to have all the answers in order to start working toward new solutions – especially when we lean on each other. The last two years have taught us that we can build the plane while flying it – this October, let’s explore what that means together!

How are you – your team, your organization, your community – building the plane while flying it?

Submit a proposal for a workshop in one of the following tracks:

  1. Advocacy – Nonprofits have had to use our collective voice more than ever these last few years. And many learned for the first time that, as a 501c3, they are actually allowed to engage in advocacy work! In this track, let’s discuss ways to understand the constantly evolving legislative landscape, nimbly position ourselves as change agents, and leverage the force of that collective voice – not only when it comes to lifting up our missions, but also centering voices that have been silenced by centuries of oppression.
  2. Fundraising & Communications – In the face of unprecedented need created by the pandemic, economic downtown, and civil unrest, people responded with unprecedented levels of giving. This was no accident – we all got creative with both our fundraising and communication efforts, coming up with new ways for new audiences to understand and support our causes. How can we harness this momentum moving forward? How can we continue to look at our fundraising and communications strategies with fresh eyes so that we are positioned for the future instead of settling back into old habits?
  3. The Nonprofit Workplace – For many, the last few years have called into question everything we thought we knew about our workplaces. From working remotely to internal leadership structure, we’ve had a unique opportunity to reevaluate and redefine what it will take – in terms of our people, our processes, our physical resources – to move our missions forward. As we co-create our post-COVID world, how can we lead the way on systemic issues like racial justice, pay equity, and so much more? How can we position our organizations and the sector at large for success in the midst of this Great Resignation or Great Reprioritization? And through all this, how can we take care of our most valuable resource – the people we rely on to carry out our mission?
  4. Justice, Equity, Diversity, & Inclusion (JEDI) – Between the pandemic and the murder of George Floyd in 2020, the past two years seem to have marked a new era in JEDI efforts around the county. Despite a renewed commitment to advancing JEDI in our teams, our organizations, our communities, and our sector, many are feeling stuck, unsure how to move from talk to action. What does it look like to “walk the talk” of JEDI? How do we start building this particular plane, knowing that we may have more questions than answers and that we will make mistakes along the way? What do we need to bridge the “intention gap” between planning and doing?
  5. “Fast” Track – It’s no secret that we’ve all been living life in the fast lane lately. If you’ve got a story to tell or an idea to share that will take 45 minutes or less, this is the track for you!
  6. Landing the Plane – Once we’ve got our planes in the air and on course, the next step is sticking the landing. For this track, we’re looking for facilitators to design activities and lead discussions that will help attendees operationalize what they’ve learned in each of the other tracks. “Landing the Plane” sessions will be held on Wednesday, 10/26 and will be 30-45 minutes long.
  7. Other – Got an idea that doesn’t fit neatly into one of the categories above? Suggest a new one! We’re building this plane while flying it and that means we don’t have all the answers.

Please review our guidelines for workshop cohesiveness (Word version | PDF version) before submitting your proposal here.