Susan DetwilerThe Detwiler Group

Ms. Susan Detwiler brings over 35 years of for-profit and nonprofit experience to her work, facilitating mission-driven planning and board education. Before joining the nonprofit sector, Susan ran a successful international information firm serving Fortune 500 companies. In 2002, she became Executive Director of the Hillel Foundation at University of Delaware. Since 2007, she has been consulting to nonprofits.


Susan has extensive experience facilitating groups through the strategic planning process. She believes when you begin with a shared vision, people work together to make it happen. She has facilitated strategic planning for diverse organizations, including The Gershman Y (Philadelphia), Music School of Delaware, Delaware Arts Alliance, Delaware Division of the Arts, Delaware Division of Historical and Cultural Affairs, and University of Delaware Dept. of Music.


Susan is faculty for the Longwood Fellows program of Longwood Garden, teaching governance, planning and board relations to mid- and upper-level management Fellows. In 2019, she crafted and facilitated a two-day conference of public garden board members for the American Public Gardens Association. She  regularly conducts board retreats for diverse organizations, and has partnered with Delaware Alliance for Nonprofit Advancement to offer the Leadership Fellowship for CEO/Board Chair partners of nonprofit agencies.


Susan is a Creating the Future™ Fellow (, trained in Standards for Excellence (, and is a consultant for both Delaware Alliance for Nonprofit Advancement and Pennsylvania Association of Nonprofit Organizations. She has been active as a lay leader in each community in which she has lived. She earned her BS in Business Administration from State University of New York at Albany, and MBA in Policy and Control from University of Michigan.