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Tom BrushAdvancement Designs

Tom Brush is a nonprofit consultant/coach who partners with nonprofit leaders and organizations to design strategies to further engagement with their constituencies, effectively manage volunteers and boards, increase donations from individuals, corporations, and foundations, and creatively steward donors.   After spending nearly 25 years working in leadership, engagement and development in the nonprofit sector, Tom knows that each organization is unique and he helps them find their own unique pathway to success. 

As the founder of Advancement Designs, Tom has supported nonprofits of all sizes in the areas of strategic planning, organizational leadership, board and volunteer management, and resource generation.  He regularly presents and speaks on these topics at conferences and in front of groups large and small.

Tom holds a Bachelor’s degree, an MBA, and has served as president of two nonprofit boards.  Outside of his passion for consulting and coaching nonprofit professionals and organizations, Tom loves to network, connect with other professionals and officiate girls and women’s lacrosse.

As a result of working with Tom, nonprofits have focused their efforts enabling them to spend more time on the actions that produce the greatest results and help them take their next step along their unique pathway to success.