Ashley Priore

Ashley Lynn Priore—a social entrepreneur, educator, writer, public servant, strategist and innovative speaker—is the founder, president and CEO of Queen’s Gambit, a national nonprofit using chess as a catalyst for change. Ashley is the author of Let’s Learn Chess! and is currently completing her undergraduate degree at the University of Pittsburgh. Her writing, focused on equity, health, and politics, has been featured in national platforms including MS. Magazine, Herself 360, Buzzfeed, Medium, and Odyssey.

At the age of fourteen, she founded a nonprofit organization that teaches life skills through chess. The Chess Institute supports education for youth through chess through outreach and programming and community projects. At the age of 19, Ashley founded a social enterprise dedicated to strategy consulting through chess theory. Under her leadership, Queen’s Gambit has established chess in all 9 districts of Pittsburgh and other parts of Western PA, impacted over 500 youth, created 50 partnerships, and led initiatives including the Pittsburgh Neighborhood Project and Proud Pennsylvanian. Along with maintaining a growing annual budget through fundraising and donor support, Ashley’s “chess theory” consulting model has completely modernized the chess world. Queen’s Gambit encourages communities and individuals to use strategy tools to navigate the future. From overseeing community development to working with national leaders, Ashley views chess as a way to solve some of society’s biggest obstacles.

Ashley currently serves on several nonprofit boards, focusing on youth leadership and providing everyone under the age of 25 with the platform to succeed. Her Y’22 Movement has inspired boards nationally to engage in board diversity and membership. Some board memberships include the Pittsburgh Chess Club (where she serves as Vice President), Community Human Services, Pittsburgh Cares, and City of Bridges High School (where she serves as Vice chairperson). She also serves on several local and national advisory boards and committees. In 2019, Ashley entered politics and was a candidate for Pittsburgh Board of Education, District 4. A catalyst for change who started her own business at the early age of 14 years old, Ashley seeks to empower all to use their passions for good.

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