PANO’s Member-Get-a-Member Campaign


Are you an active PANO member? Then you know firsthand the value a membership with us can bring to you and your organization – and there is no better promoter of a PANO membership than you! The Member-Get-A-Member campaign is the ideal opportunity to share your success by encouraging your nonmember colleagues to join. By recruiting new members to join, you help strengthen the sector, PANO, and our network – we will always be Stronger Together. Plus, when you share the benefits of PANO membership with your colleagues through the Member-Get-a-Member campaign, there’s something in it for you and your org, too.


Members will be rewarded with a $20 off the next year’s membership for each new, active member you recruit (up to ten members or $200).

At the end of the year, the member who recruits the most members will receive a free membership or a complimentary registration to the following year’s conference.


Any nonprofit, individual, or student member is eligible to participate as a recruiter and is eligible for the incentives.

How to Participate

Member recruiters must let PANO know the name of the new member by completing this Referral Form for each member recruited. Just enter your name, organization name, contact information, and the name of the member you recruited. You are also encouraged to have the member you recruit indicate your name in the Reason Joined field on their Membership Application. PANO member recruiters will receive an email notification after the member referred has joined.

Incentives will be noted in the member’s profile and a discount code will be awarded at the end of the member’s membership term for the total amount off the member’s next membership.

Questions and Referral Forms can be submitted to Faduma Hasson, Membership and Administrative Specialist, at