J.E. Salazar & Associates LLCConsulting

Grant Division- J. E. Salazar & Associates operates a grant division which allows for government injection into a project in the form of grants, tax credits, and low interest loans. J.E. Salazar & Associates prepare and submit professional grant applications that are compatible with the project. In addition meetings are held with the political representatives and community leaders to insure support of the project and the funding applications.

J.E. Salazar also participates in preparing and submitting RFP’s (Response to Proposals) and non-solicited proposals for government departments and negotiates government contracts.

Business Consulting Services- J. E. Salazar offers business consulting services regarding projects and preferred usage of projects that will be compatible with investor funding and community needs. The company locates end users for sites as tenants or acquisition of approved sites. Business Plans, Feasibility Studies, and other business consulting services are available for clients in the initial stages of development or are in need of operational funding for upfront soft costs or operations upon completion of site. Creation of public/private partnerships between developers and nonprofit organizations.

  • Research, Preparation and Submission of Professional Grant Applications.
  • Public/Private Partnerships
  • Business Consulting- Development Consulting on Projects- New or expanded facilites for non profit organizations.
  • Response to RFP’s
  • Government Relations
  • Operational Capital for Non Profit Organizations
  • Professional Training through our Licensing Division- Monthly consulting involving  funding research, review of applications prepared by organizations prior to submission.