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PANO has partnered with First Nonprofit (FNP) since 1998, helping more than 300 Pennsylvania nonprofits save over $37 million dollars! Last year nonprofits saved an average of 36%. First Nonprofit offers PANO members two unemployment savings programs to help save you money on your State Unemployment Insurance (SUI) costs. Instead of paying the SUI tax, 501(c)(3) organizations can enroll into one of FNP’s programs and elect to reimburse the state for validated claims paid to former employees, dollar for dollar (save as much as 60%). PANO members receive a 20% discount on the one-time enrollment fee. Services include: unemployment claims administration, training opportunities on employer responsibilities and risk mitigation and a free cost-savings evaluation.

If your organization is a 501(c)(3) with at least 10 employees, one of these programs may save you money. To find out how much your agency can save each year, fill out this free evaluation application from FNP and email it back to

NEW from First Nonprofit in 2024: Introducing fnpaccess+

In the dynamic world of nonprofits, it’s not uncommon to wear multiple hats. However, managing tasks related to unemployment, HR, and compliance simultaneously can be overwhelming. That’s why First Nonprofit (FNP) is excited to introduce fnpaccess+, a specialized tool designed for organizations paying state unemployment taxes to Pennsylvania’s Department of Labor.

Here’s why fnpaccess+ is the ideal solution for your nonprofit:

  • Ensures precision in unemployment tax and claims administration.
  • Streamlines HR processes and compliance management for enhanced efficiency.
  • Provides access to a wealth of resources and expert guidance, including hundreds of employee training courses.
  • Designed to fit your budget easily – starting at $500 for employers with 30 employees or less!

Click here to explore the key features of fnpaccess+ and request an evaluation. For more information or to get started with fnpaccess+, contact Cheryl Jones or (612) 308-4283.

Focus on your mission, not paperwork. Elevate your team, streamline your processes, and contribute to your nonprofit’s success with First Nonprofit’s fnpaccess+.

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