As a nonprofit organization, you work hard to improve the quality of life in your community. PANO exists to support the incredible work that you do. PANO amplifies your voice, saves you time and money, builds your capacity, and connects you with other nonprofit leaders. Access a membership application PDF.

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Save Time and Money

Take advantage of member-only discounts on products and services. From accounting, to IT, to insurance, PANO partners with companies to offer you discounted products and services to save you time and money.

Increase Your Capacity

Get advice, tools, and resources when you need them. We offer many trainings, free tools and resources, and assistance through our Nonprofit Helpdesk; members receive discounted rates.

Amplify Your Voice

Stay up-to-date on advocacy efforts impacting the nonprofit sector. Join our network of 1,000+ members and help advance the common interests of ALL nonprofits. We are stronger (and louder) together.

PANO Nonprofit Member Testimonial

"After several decades in the private sector, PANO member Sharon started a nonprofit to help victims of human trafficking. Driven by her passion, she built a team that collectively addresses the complex needs of those who have been preyed upon. But running a nonprofit within the unique culture of the industry was unfamiliar to her. Sharon says that PANO gave her and her team the language, knowledge, and cultural insights they needed in order to thrive in the nonprofit space."


What does membership cost?

Nonprofit Organizations Annual Dues (If your operating budget, not including grants to other organizations, is):

• Under $50,000 – $100
• Between $51,000 and 199,999 – $120
• Between $200,000 and $499,999 – $200
• Between $500,000 and $699,999- $340
• Between $700,000 and $999,999- $390
• Between 1,000,000 and 1,999,999 – $535
• Between 2,000,000 and $4,999,999 – $625
• Between 5,000,000 and $7,999,999 – $750
• Over $8,000,000 – $815

Undergraduate Full Time Student Annual Dues – $30

Graduate Full Time Student Annual Dues – $60

Individual Annual Dues – $120

If you have full time employment at a nonprofit organization we request that you do not join as a student or individual member.

Group Memberships – PANO offers group memberships to associations who would like to purchase PANO membership for all their members (at a discounted rate). If you are interested in a Group Membership, please contact Lauren Henicle.

How long does my membership last?

Your membership runs for a full year from the month you join.

Who is a member?

For nonprofit members, your organization is the member – all your staff, volunteers, and board members receive benefits. This means everyone from your organization is eligible to receive the member rate on trainings and events, download the FREE Standards for Excellence Education Packets, and receive discounts on products, services, and other resources. For Student and Individual Members, only you have access to benefits.

I am currently in the process of forming my nonprofit, can I join as a nonprofit member?

Yes, you can join as a nonprofit member while you are in the formation process. Note: PANO does not help with filing paperwork but can provide help with day-to-day nonprofit questions, access to many free Standards for Excellence Resources, sample policies, procedures, and templates, discounted trainings, and more.

What is PANO's Dissolution Policy?

PANO has a nondiscrimination grievance policy concerning membership and program attendance; however PANO does have a means of removing disruptive groups from this participation. For example, if a group regularly commandeers training programs to discuss an unrelated issue instead of the focus of the program, then the PANO board can prohibit future participation and/or discontinue the membership.

What is your current membership breakdown?

See a complete breakdown of our membership including type, budget size, and length of membership by viewing our membership snapshot here.

PANO Individual Member Testimonial

"I am very committed to PANO and all the really great work that is done by your organization. I have been with PANO for many years having become acquainted with your work in my last nonprofit job. In fact, when I went independent, the first task on my list was to become a PANO member. I did just that and have been able to give incredible services to the nonprofits on my client list. I am grateful to have PANO as a resource that enhances my ability to serve my clients."

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