As a nonprofit organization, you work hard to improve the quality of life in your community. PANO exists to walk alongside you and support the incredible work you do.

PANO is a hub for shared knowledge, experience, and expertise, and a collective voice for public policies that positively impact lives in Pennsylvania. We support you through training, best practices, consultation, and discount programs. We amplify your impact through research, public policy initiatives, and advocacy.

We believe Pennsylvania nonprofit professionals grow better together.

Download a PDF of our Membership Application and check out 24 Benefits of PANO Membership in 2024, a 45-minute tour through all of the many benefits available to our members, recorded on January 31, 2024.

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Top 5 PANO Member Benefits

  1. Best Practices
    Standards for Excellence® offers tools and resources to support organizations in meeting the highest standards, legal requirements, and regulatory compliance of nonprofit governance, management, and operations. PANO members have FREE access to Standards Resource Packets.
  2. Ask PANO
    Do you have questions about bylaws, fundraising, compliance or other nonprofit management topics? Ask PANO! Our staff and network of experts stand ready to help.
  3. Training
    Through online and in-person programs, we equip nonprofit staff, board members and volunteers with knowledge, fresh ideas and best practices to succeed.
  4. Discounts
    PANO offers discounted access to critical services like accounting and more. Plus, our Corporate Partner Directory is a guide to companies offering nonprofit-specific services.
  5. Consulting
    PANO can connect you with an experienced consultant or facilitator to help you address specific challenges and take your nonprofit to the next level.


How long does my membership last?

Your membership runs for a full year from the month you join.

How much does membership cost?

In an effort to make membership as accessible as possible to organizations of all sizes, annual dues are calculated according to your organization’s annual operating budget (excluding any grants you may make to other organizations). We also offer special pricing for individuals, undergrad students, and graduate students. For-profit companies interested in joining can check our Corporate Partnership opportunities here. Individual and nonprofit organization rates are as follows for 2024:

  • Budget under $50K – $108
  • $51K-$199,999 – $129
  • $200K-$499,999 – $216
  • $500K-$699,999 – $376
  • $700K-$999,999 – $433
  • $1M-$1,999,999 – $595
  • $2M – $4,999,999 – $695
  • $5M – $7,999,999 – $834
  • $8M – $15,999,999 – $906
  • $16M – $24,999,999 – $1,004
  • $25M – $44,999,999 – $1,133
  • $45M+ – $1,339
  • Individual – $124
  • Undergrad Student – $31
  • Grad Student – $62

Who is a member?

For nonprofit members, your organization is the member – all your staff, volunteers, and board members receive benefits. This means everyone from your organization is eligible to receive the member rate on trainings and events, download the FREE Standards for Excellence Education Packets, and receive discounts on products, services, and other resources. For Student and Individual Members, only you have access to benefits.

I am currently in the process of forming my nonprofit, can I join as a nonprofit member?

Yes, you can join as a nonprofit member while you are in the formation process. Note: PANO does not help with filing paperwork but can provide help with day-to-day nonprofit questions, access to many free Standards for Excellence Resources, sample policies, procedures, and templates, discounted trainings, and more.

What is PANO's Dissolution Policy?

PANO has a nondiscrimination grievance policy concerning membership and program attendance; however PANO does have a means of removing disruptive groups from this participation. For example, if a group regularly commandeers training programs to discuss an unrelated issue instead of the focus of the program, then the PANO board can prohibit future participation and/or discontinue the membership.

What is your current membership breakdown?

See a complete breakdown of our membership including type, budget size, and length of membership by viewing our current membership snapshot here.

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