Consultant Collaborative

PANO’s consulting services support nonprofits as they address challenges, build effectiveness, and move their organizations to the next level.

PANO’s Consultant Collaborative connects organizations seeking support with vetted and experienced professional consultants who come together to provide team-based solutions. From board retreat facilitation to strategic planning to merger assistance, this team brings a wide variety of experience. When you work with one consultant, you get access to the collective wisdom of the group. When possible, we connect you with a team of consultants who bring a rich mix of know-how to your organization. Some consultants in the Consultant Collaborative are also Standards Consultants (more about this group below).

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Standards for Excellence Consultants

The Standards for Excellence PA Licensed Consultant Program is a professional development initiative that gives consultants the knowledge, skills, and tools of PANO’s Standards for Excellence program. The training required to become a Standards Consultant provides facilitation and training skills development and empowers consultants working with organizations seeking to implement the Standards. If your organization wants to conduct self-assessments, develop policies, and/or become Standards accredited, a licensed Standards Consultant can help. Learn more.



Our consultants are rigorously vetted and share a vision-based, community-focused, client-centered approach to every project. Each consultant brings unique experience and specialization to the group, ensuring a diverse and innovative approach to each project.

Stronger Together

We determine which consultant best fits your project based on organizational needs, required skills, desired outcomes, organizational culture, and geographic region. When you work with the Consultant Collaborative, you have access the collective wisdom of the group—a team approach that leverages the variety of experience and expertise in a one-stop shop.

Meet You Where You Are

The Consultant Collaborative walks alongside organizations rather than making “the hard sell," meeting you where you are.

Meet The Consultants

Deborah Drury
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Stephanie Bucklew

Stephanie Bucklew
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Niya Hamilton Consultancy LLC

Niya S. Hamilton, MBA
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Dunleavy & Associates

Patricia Cook
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The Think Good Company

Deb Cummins Stellato
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Heather Wiley

Heather J. Wiley
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The Detwiler Group

Susan Detwiler
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Christina Richter
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Strategy Solutions

Deb Thompson
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Success Story

Working with PANO’s Consultant Collaborative gave us important tools for the beginning stages of growth for our organization. I am certain that as we move forward in growth and need we will be connecting with PANO in the future to continue drawing on the depth of their knowledge, insight, and wisdom.

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Interested in becoming a consultant?As of August 2019, we are not accepting new applications for the Standards for Excellence PA Licensed Consultants or the Consultant Collaborative. We apologize for any inconvenience and will reopen the application process in a few months. We encourage you to check back later and hope you will submit an application to begin your journey with a supportive, collaborative body of peers dedicated to mission-driven work.

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