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Consultant Collaborative

About the Consultant Collaborative
In 2014, PANO noticed an increase in requests from our nonprofit community for support with all kinds of important work, ranging from strategic planning to board training and everything in between. The requests soon outpaced PANO’s capacity to keep up so we began making referrals to a small group of consultants who had already been involved in our work – and thus was born the Consultant Collaborative!

Since then, this group has grown to include consultants from all over the Commonwealth and beyond, bringing a wide range of expertise, skills, knowledge, and connections to our members and non-members alike. From board retreat facilitation to strategic planning to merger assistance, this team brings a wide variety of experience. When you work with one consultant, you get access to the collective wisdom of the group. Some consultants in the Consultant Collaborative are also Standards for Excellence PA certified consultants. Learn more about the Standards Consultant Program here.

Working with the Consultant Collaborative
Interested in working with a member of the Consultant Collaborative? The first step is to share some basic information and key details about you, your organization, and the work that lies ahead via the Request a Consultant form (click here or the button below). PANO staff will then work with you to identify a vetted and experienced professional consultant (or consultants!) who will be a good fit based on things like your goals, needs, expectations, values, and even budgetary considerations.

Joining the Consultant Collaborative
PANO is proud to work with consultants with varied backgrounds and interests, hailing from all over the Commonwealth and beyond. The Consultant Collaborative gathers once a month via Zoom to get to know one another and the unique expertise each brings to the table, to share ideas, to troubleshoot challenges together, and to discuss ways to lift up the nonprofit sector as a whole.

Members of the Consultant Collaborative have the opportunity to work with nonprofits requesting consulting support through PANO in areas ranging from board retreat facilitation and fundraising to human resources and merger assistance. Learn more and apply here! *Please note that, as of April 2024, we are pausing on accepting new applications for the Consultant Collaborative while we manage an influx of recent applications. We kindly ask that you check back in September 2024 when we expect to re-open the Consultant Collaborative application process.

We love our consultants! And we’re not the only ones – here’s what some of our past clients have to say:

"Thank you for helping Prevent Suicide PA by sending Janet Unger to work with us on Board Development. Janet was professional, understanding and directive in attempting to help the Board develop clear goals and organization structure. She was supportive of my attempts to establish a clear role for the executive director at the organization." – Linda Shumaker, Optimize Aging, LLC

"As the CEO of a statewide nonprofit organization I cannot say enough positive comments about PANO’s Consultant Collaborative. Our organization needed someone with both experience and knowledge to help us refocus on governance as we prepared the organization for advancement and growth. PANO identified a lead consultant who was exactly what we needed...In fact, our work with the consultant was so positive, we extended the contract so we could accomplish more." – Angela Liddle, CEO, PA Family Support Alliance

Standards for Excellence Consultants

In addition to the Consultant Collaborative, PANO also works with consultants through our Standards for Excellence Pennsylvania Licensed Consultant Program. This professional development initiative gives consultants the knowledge, skills, and tools of PANO’s Standards for Excellence program. Anyone interested in becoming a PA-Licensed Standards Consultant must attend a PANO-led training. Learn more about becoming a PA-Licensed Standards Consultant here.

Meet The Consultants

KMMK Communications

Kelly Kostanesky
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J. Alton Consulting

James T. Alton
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Dunleavy & Associates

Kelly Belmonte
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Bee, Bergvall & Co.

Cindy R. Bergvall, CPA
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Eddee Boone Consulting LLC

Jamee Boone
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Helix Strategies, LLC

Dr. Ivy R. Buchan
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Marci Moyer Schick

Richard Button
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Dunleavy & Associates

Michelle Burghardt
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Strategy Solutions

Jacqui Catrabone
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Wisdom & Thought Leadership from Our Consultants

Want to experience some of the expertise, wisdom, and thought leadership our consultants bring to the table? Check out these blog posts, authored by members of the Consultant Collaborative:

Request A Consultant

Interested in becoming a consultant?At the moment, we are actively accepting applications for Standards for Excellence PA Licensed Consultants. In order to manage a recent influx of interest in the Consultant Collaborative, we are pausing on accepting new applications for that group. Please check back in September 2024, as we expect to re-open the application process then. For interested Standards Consultants, please tell us more about yourself in the application form here.

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