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Annual Collaborative Conference 2024

Join PANO and conference partners Alliance for Nonprofit Resources (ANR), the Greater Pittsburgh Nonprofit Partnership (GPNP), and Villanova University IN PERSON again this fall for Up in the Air: Shifting Power, Opening Doors!

After last year’s long-awaited “Reunion Special”, we can’t wait to do it again, this time back at our old haunt in State College. Registration will open in late July. For now:

More about this Year’s Theme – Up in the Air: Shifting Power, Opening Doors

The pandemic was like a giant reset button, changing our priorities, outlook, and engagement with each other. Four years later, we are now different people occupying a different world (still wearing our COVID-pants, though, because some wheels just don’t need reinventing). So, what exactly are we resetting to? The “tried and true” simply don’t work anymore. And maybe that’s a good thing! After all, if old ways don’t open new doors, maybe new ways will.

With so many “whats” and “hows” still up in the air – for us as individuals, as organizations, as a sector, even nationally and globally – what opportunities might we discover as we lean on each other to find our way forward? What wheels do need reinventing? What systems might we change? How might we work together differently? Rather than feel lost and untethered by all the unknowns, floating without purpose, let’s leverage this continued uncertainty to shift power and open new doors.

That is the conversation we invite YOU to help us bring to life with this year’s conference theme of Up in the Air: Shifting Power, Opening Doors.

On the first of two days together (Monday, September 30), we’ll focus on the idea of shifting power. Where does power need to shift? Where is power already shifting? What does this look like in nonprofit governance, advocacy and voter registration support, fundraising and other resource development, our JEDI efforts, leadership and operations, and more?

On the second day (Tuesday, October 1), we’ll focus on opening doors. What might shifts in power make possible – in nonprofit governance, fundraising and other resource development, JEDI efforts, leadership and operations, and more? What do we need to fuel our own continued creativity and not burn out but burn brighter?

Throughout the two-day gathering, the overarching focus will be on just that – gathering. Coming together with people who share similar responsibilities in our day-to-day work, making connections that will outlive this event, learning not just from the traditional “experts” but from each other (because we are all experts in our own right!).

Bring your thoughts, your voices, your successes, and also your challenges, your pain points, your “what’s keeping you up at night”. Bring your whole selves (COVID pants welcome!), and an open mind, too. While so much remains up in the air, together, we just might be able to ground ourselves in possibility. 

Special thanks to our sponsors for standing by our side, both on the ground and up in the air!

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