Annual Collaborative Conference 2023

Join PANO and conference partners Alliance for Nonprofit Resources (ANR), the Greater Pittsburgh Nonprofit Partnership (GPNP), and Villanova University IN PERSON this September for Landing the Plane (Without Wrecking It)!

That’s right, dust off your suitcase and your business cards – the year of the Reunion Special is finally here! We’re so excited to be taking this year’s event off-screen for the first time since 2019. For now:

With this year’s theme of Landing the Plane (Without Wrecking It), we are taking an honest look at where we’ve all been these last few years, where we’re going, and how to get there as safely as possible – or at least not completely crash and burn along the way! Rather than dance around what many of us seem to be feeling these days, we hope this theme acknowledges (among other things):

COVID prompted so many of us to stop waiting for the perfect moment and just start building the plane while flying it (which is what we explored as our conference theme last year!). Now that we’ve got our planes in the air, where do we go from here? Knowing there will be at least a little turbulence on our flight path, what will it take to chart our course, soar to new heights, and then land the plane – all without wrecking it? Special thanks to a 2022 conference attendee for suggesting this year’s theme! (We really do listen when we ask for input!).

Join us as we unpack all that and more through the following workshop tracks:

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