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Jamee BooneEddee Boone Consulting LLC

  • President, Eddee Boone Consulting LLC
  • Over 30 years of experience with top executives, senior management, leaders/supervisors, and staff across multiple sectors – for profit, nonprofit, faith-based, government, retail, healthcare, academia, and more.
  • Unapologetically committed to shifting the most challenging areas of the levers of change — moving individuals and organizations attitudes, behaviors, hearts and minds towards a more equitable and inclusive environment where everyone has access to opportunity, a seat at the table, and a voice to contribute to their personal, professional and the organization’s success.
  • Coaches and consults various industries on creating a diversity, equitable, inclusive “team” cultures by executing diversity, equity and inclusion content, interactive activities, strategic planning, action planning, and engagement through various strategies designed to focus individuals and organizations on their own, authentic journey towards DE&I and then spanning out across all aspects of operations.
  • Designs, develops, and delivers programming meeting individuals and organizations where they are, inspiring, equipping and empowering them to achieve maximum organizational performance, deepen employee inclusivity, belonging, engagement and increased employee retention tapping into discretionary efforts.
  • Works with individuals and emerging leaders through internships and mentoring to foster a continuum of listening, learning, and growing to establish healthy, thriving work environments.
  • Facilitates “courageous” conversation at various levels (entry-level/line staff, managers/first-timers, C-Suite executives and board members).
  • Certified in Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Certification (Cornell University)
  • Senior Certified Professional (SCP) from the Society of Human Resource Management
  • Associate of Arts degree in Business Administration (Cumberland County College), Bachelor of Science degree in Human Resources Management (Wilmington University) and a Masters of Science degree in Administration of Human Services (Wilmington University).
  • Self-employed, full-time consultant can be contacted at 609-868-7010,
  • To learn more about Jamee or Eddee Boone Consulting LLC, visit