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Janet UngerUnger Consulting Services

Nonprofits hire Janet Unger to increase the effectiveness of their board and to position their organization for the future. Unger Consulting integrates Janet’s governance and organization development expertise. This skilled facilitator will guide you in analyzing current conditions, evaluating options and finding creative solutions to complex challenges. Janet taught the course ‘Board Leadership in Nonprofit Organizations’ at the University of Pennsylvania for a decade. She provides practical advice to strengthen board leadership for individual agencies as well as across association networks, leads strategic planning from analysis to achieving sustainable impact, facilitates restructurings, and helps families of boards understand their structure. Through the years, Janet has chaired governing boards, advisory councils and numerous committees. She also cultivated her business acumen developing two small family businesses.

The depth of her experience coaching local, regional, national and international clients over the past 30 years coupled with her diverse business achievements helps Janet provide clear and pragmatic professional guidance. For additional information, please see her LinkedIn profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/janetunger