Rosalind Spigel, MSOD, ACCSpigel Consulting

Rosalind Spigel, MSOD, ACC, believes nonprofits can make the world a better place and works with them and their staff to increase effectiveness, grow, and prosper. Working collaboratively with clients, designs and facilitates strategic planning and implementation, DEI, board development, vision/mission/values, professional development, and coaching.  Spigel Consulting also offers a variety of targeted capacity building workshops.


Rosalind has a Master of Organization Development from American University, is trained in DEI through the National Coalition Building Institute, Race Forward, NCBI, Training for Change, and co-facilitated Open Forums on Race and Intersectional Feminism conversations.  Rosalind is a Standards of Excellence© consultant, a consultant with the Social Transformation Project, the Nonprofit Center at La Salle University, and a former Coach and Practicum Advisor to the American University. Rosalind has published blogs, articles, and written a series on implicit gender bias.  Rosalind is the recipient of the Hal Kellner Award for contributions to issues of diversity and social justice.  For more information, 215 432 5357 or