Sonia PanditThe Pandit Group

Sonia Gupta Pandit, MPH MBA is the CEO of The Pandit Group, a consulting firm that specializes at the intersection of social impact and business. She approaches her work with the philosophy that both a rigorous, data-driven, lean experimentation approach and human-centered design thinking are necessary for making strategic business decisions that maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of an organization’s impact and ultimate return on investment. Her areas of expertise include strategic planning, organizational development, data management, process improvement, and impact evaluation.

Sonia’s extensive experience includes consulting for the World Health Organization (designed and executed an international research study; created a tool that empowers public health officials in low-income countries to make more evidence-informed health policy decisions), the Maryland Department of Health (created and executed strategy for the state’s Zika virus awareness campaign; delivered numerous presentations across the state and formed key public-private partnerships; designed and analyzed a state-wide survey to assess the impact of the campaign; recommended strategies for optimal resource allocation to maximize return on investment), Catholic Charities (assessed process improvement opportunities and executed recommendations; created and executed a data management strategy for a new software system; conducted an impact evaluation for a program that reduces hospital readmissions among the aging population), Inner Harbor Project (conducted a comprehensive organizational assessment), Cecil County Health Department (assessed the viability of a syringe services program), and Open Society Institute (conducted a cost-benefit analysis regarding prisoners aging in the criminal justice system).

Sonia is a graduate of Yale University, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, and MIT Sloan School of Management.