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Help Assess the Standards for Excellence Through a Racial Justice Lens

PANO is on a mission to assess and improve our Standards for Excellence through a racial justice lens. Standards for Excellence is a set of 66 best practices for nonprofit governance, management, and operations. We recognize our responsibility to review what has been considered “best” and ask “best for whom?”

We are forming 11 cohorts to participate in this assessment. Our goal is to remove implicit bias from the current Standards language and identify where inclusion can be embedded in the policies and practices.

As a hub for and collaborator with community benefit organizations, PANO invites you to lead the change in this important initiative. Who better to inform policy change than those who have seen the positive and negative impacts of those policies on the communities they serve?

We are seeking professionals and/or board members from nonprofit organizations in Pennsylvania to join the cohorts. Individuals may participate in more than one cohort. Cohort members will meet virtually for five sessions for 90 minutes each. Honorariums are offered to participating organizations or to individual participants if the organization prefers.

If you are interested in participating, please contact Kevin Burrell at

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Join a Cohort. Lead the Change.

Interested in participating? Contact Kevin Burrell at

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