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State Advocacy

American Rescue Plan Act Advocacy

PANO is advocating for State Legislators to release funds from the American Rescue Plan Act to support the Commonwealth’s nonprofits. Contact your legislators TODAY! Click here to take action.

Over $6 billion of the $7.29 billion of Pennsylvania’s ARPA dollars remain unspent and under state control. PANO is asking state and local officials to allocate ARPA funding to nonprofits throughout the Commonwealth. It will make our advocacy work most effective if nonprofits in every community throughout Pennsylvania communicate this same message to their state and local elected officials. Legislators want to know the impact on their own communities, and you are the best advocates to report on that impact.

This campaign goal is two-fold:

  • To use our collective voice to drive funding and support to Pennsylvania nonprofits. If we all speak, we are 807,000 people strong!
  • To underscore that collective voice with local stories that will drive our message home.

We plan to do this through this ARPA campaign. This toolkit gives you a sample press release, social media posts, and email drafts that you can tailor for your own organization. It even gives you a sample email for you to send to your clients so they can reach out to their elected officials.


ARPA Advocacy Toolkit

Members of Pennsylvania’s General Assembly

County Commissioners, Mayor, City Council Members

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COVID-19 Impact on Nonprofits

COVID-19 Impact on Nonprofits by County

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