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State Advocacy

Pennsylvania’s Charitable Nonprofit Caucus

In June 2023, lawmakers and nonprofit professionals relaunched Pennsylvania’s Charitable Nonprofit Caucus. Co-chaired by Representatives Abigail Salisbury and Joe Hogan as well as Senators Jay Costa and Lynda Schlegel Culver, this bicameral, bipartisan caucus will help ensure that PA’s nonprofit community has the legislative support we need to carry out our critical missions.

What this means is that all nonprofits – regardless of size:

  • Will be at the table to develop legislative and regulatory solutions to the challenging issues we are collectively seeking to address.
  • Will have the legislative support we need to carry out our missions.

As Representative Salisbury shared during the June 21 press conference, “the work of charitable nonprofits touches nearly every aspect of community life. These organizations also create hundreds of thousands of Pennsylvania jobs and play a huge role in supporting local businesses. As legislators, we need to do everything we can to keep these catalysts for good growing and thriving.” The purpose of this caucus is to do just that – “bring together lawmakers on both sides of the aisle” to make sure nonprofits are “supported, funded, and set up for success”.

PANO will be working with Caucus Leadership to develop structure and processes for nonprofits – like you – to easily access this critical resource.

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