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State Advocacy

Increased Revenues for Mandated Public Services in Pennsylvania

PANO supports policies that increase revenues for all mandated services that nonprofits provide on behalf of government in Pennsylvania so that these services can be sustained.

With increasing levels of poverty and decreasing revenue and property values, state and local governments struggle to meet the needs of their constituents. In doing so, they look to their long-time partners in meeting critical community needs—the nonprofit community. Nonprofits have historically played a significant role in carrying out the work that is also the responsibility of the government but beyond its means.

Nonprofit organizations are anchor institutions in communities both large and small. Nonprofits tutor children, feed the hungry, care for the sick, shelter victims, and help the unemployed to find work. The real return on investment to the local economy is unquestioned. Nonprofits provide crucial services and draw important federal and grant dollars with accompanying jobs into local communities. PANO supports policies that leverages additional public and private financial support for organizations providing these critical services.

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