General | May 7, 2019

PANO’s Rebrand Journey

Over the past year, PANO has been on a journey to rebrand. This process has been one of clarity – asking ourselves: “who are we”, “who do we want to be”, and “why”. Now, a year later, we have emerged with a new logo, new website, new tagline, and renewed sense of self.

PANO has grown by leaps and bounds since we first started in 1984 as the Delaware Valley Council of Agencies, and it was time we had a look and voice that represents who we’ve become since then. As our members’ needs have evolved, PANO has evolved along with them. We built our new brand and the customer experience to scale and change in step.

PANO’s New Logo

We ultimately chose a mosaic pyramid to represent us as our new logo. A mosaic is a bunch of smaller pieces coming together to make something beautiful – and this is how we see the nonprofit sector. Each piece – each nonprofit – doing its part to make the world a more beautiful place. A pyramid does not build itself. It takes many individuals coming together with a passion to get the job done. Building a pyramid requires a lot of time and patience but the end result is awe-inspiring.

A pyramid symbolizes many things. Here are just a few that stuck out to us:

  • Wisdom
  • Strength and resilience
  • Harmony and energy
  • Creativity and expression
  • Inspiration and optimism
  • Human development
  • The space within which people ascend to their highest self

The color of “PANO” in the new logo is teal. Teal symbolizes clarity, idealism, balance, creativity, compassion, joy, self-sufficiency, wisdom, and wholeness. Teal is refreshing, sophisticated, and calming. We hope PANO embodies all this and more for the nonprofit sector. A place where people can calm their fears and turn to for clarity, balance, compassion, wisdom, and joy.

New Tagline

Stronger Together. As a statewide membership association, we bring nonprofits together from across the state and equip organizations with the tools needed to achieve their missions. Through PANO’s many programs and services, we engage the collective voice of PA’s nonprofit community to support one another, learn with and from each other, and together advance solutions that support strong, healthy nonprofits – nonprofits that, in turn, support strong, healthy communities.  When the sector comes together, we are stronger.

Beyond the Design

With this redesign we set out to better embody what our members love about PANO while allowing our brand to grow. We sought to be authentic, original, and to stand out. We hope to inspire the sector to be bold and creative in their branding efforts. We are still the same PANO, just with more space to come into our own and flourish.


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